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Discover a whole new class of chauffeured transportation.

RoadStallion’s unique features provide an ultra-sophisticated group transportation experience, including distinctive elements such as 6’5” of headroom, striking tinted panoramic windows, the latest technologies, and swivel leather seats in an extra-spacious cabin. You’ll enjoy the highest levels of comfort without losing out on luxury and style. The perfect choice when an SUV cramps your space and a van cramps your style.®
  • Spaciousness

    • 6’5” headroom

    • 1-foot wider than a Sprinter

  • 8 Captain’s Chairs recline & swivel

  • Luxury leather with diamond stitching

  • Drink holders at every seat

  • 2 Refrigerators

    • Drink Console

    • Highball Glasses for 8

  • Personal Electronics/Connectivity

    • WiFi (Primary plus back-up networks)

    • HDMI inputs to display computers on TV

    • USB chargers at every seat

    • 120v at every seat

  • 2 TV with streaming services over WiFi

    • Front and Rear facing cameras

    • Roku TV

    • Netflix provided

    • ATT/DirectTv Live TV provided

    • All other streaming services via client acct log-in

  • Premier sound system

    • Touch screen controls

    • Pandora 

    • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Luggage & Storage

    • 8+ pieces of luggage

    • Golf rack storage for up to 8 golf bags

    • Undercarriage compartments

  • Panoramic Windows

    • Extra-large, tinted windows

    • Windows offer privacy without compromising views

  • Interior mood lighting

  • Air suspension for the smoothest ride

  • Lap desks

Practical yet perfectly refined with:

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